"Give me a child until he is 7 and I will show you the man"
~ Aristotle
The most crucial milestones in your kid's life occur by the age of 7. 
Connect and guide your child in building their success foundation and increase the chances of them wanting to do what you want when you want and more importantly, have them enjoy it!
Discover the missing piece for creating a calm, connected, and happy home.
What You'll Discover On This Masterclass
Learning Styles
How to decipher and recognize your child's learning style to set that success foundation. The first steps -- and what to do
Increase Confidence
How to increase your child's potential and set that success foundation with 3 essential things that you must do as a parent to raise a happy and confident child
Clever Support
The untold secret to mastering a peaceful home using the P.E.A.C.E reset button. A Ssimple 5 step process for promoting harmony for everyone in the family
About Your Hosts
Hi there, we are Tack & Hoe Ping. Parent's of two little boys, Amazon #1 bestselling authors over 3 categories on the topic of kids, and international design award winners.
We both grew up in traditional Asian families, taught to study hard, go to university, get a good job and you'll be set for life. This was the life planned out for us and sure enough, we followed that path and I (Tack) became an engineer, and I (Hoe Ping) became a physiotherapist and a certified life coach.
We were the stereotype Asian parents because that was what we know. It didn't come across our mind that this was an issue, until our son started childcare. He was very quiet and lacked confidence...does that sound familiar?
We soon realized that something's not right, we didn't understand our own child and were letting him down. That was the tipping point for change. We read every parenting book out there and spent tens of thousands on courses.
Yet nothing worked..
For the past 7 years, we discovered a way to combine all the best learnings and developed a simple framework that enabled our two kids and others to break the mold, build confidence, and set that success foundation.
We'll show you how in the FREE Learning Style Masterclass
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